Outward does kindness flow

Someone next to me on the train just moved seats to accommodate a pair of people.

This strikes me as unusually nice for New York.

As I consider what he did, I realize it may be a form of passing it on.

It may be a link in a chain of acts of kindness.

And that chain could have an earlier link, that was me giving my seat up or moving from someone else.

My action could have led someone else to give up their seat, who in turn inspired others who in turn inspired this man.

Whether it may my specific action or not, he was taught by someone or some experience to do this. There is a source.

Indeed, my own action descended from the kindness someone else gave to me, or that I witnessed.

Perhaps that originally gift was Jesus dying on the cross.

Perhaps the gift preceding even that was God's decision to create the world.

From which a broken but persistent chain of good tidings has arisen.

On the third day, he made all things new.

And so did he today.



September 30, 2015

On the L train, around noon-thirty