Why do we travel?

Not to experience what we know.

Not to do what we did at home.

Not for the familiar.


We travel for the danger.

The novelty.

The lowered inhibitions.

The intoxication.

The thrill.

We travel so we can let completely loose in a Shanghai bar.

We travel in order to climb up the Great Wall, precariously, without guarantees as to our safety.

To get lost in nowhere, without a map or hydration or the context-specific language skills.

Because we can get by with instinct.

It's all we need.

Pretension falls away.

Critical thinking takes charge.

We figure it out.

We make it work.

We make do.

We survive.

The goal is to reject what we thought we couldn't do.

That time is over and it ain't coming back.

We are reborn.

We live again.