What the Times does wrong

The vast majority of what The New York Times does is excellent, and serves the public good. A few elements hamper the experience:

  • A general arrogance and defensiveness, evinced by the Public Editor's general willingness to defend the newsroom even when the latter makes massive mistakes, and the mysterious firing of Amy Davidson
  • A failure to bring serious journalism to a truly massive audience, ceding that role to disgustingly lowbrow blogs like BuzzFeed and the Huffington Post
  • A failure (thus far) to attract younger readers - the ones who will be essential to financial viability and who will make the decisions about public policy moving forward
  • A hawkish approach that legitimated the Iraq War and contributed to the killings of hundreds of thousands of people (the role of the Times in building public support cannot be underestimated, given its immense influence)
  • Unsophisticated technology journalism, using inaccurate terminology and analogies, and leaving out entire topics like video games (an important topic with serious artistic merits)
  • Unsophisticated commenting features, which don't allow the user to view all their comments on one page, delete their comments, or comment within the mobile apps