What the Times does right

The New York Times offers an unparalleled level of quality, and it's my only regular newspaper. It's simply in a different class than any other. Its numerous assets include:

  • Intense investigative journalism, even when it threatens traditional allies like Democratic senators and powerful interests like Chinese rulers
  • Strict wall between the business and journalistic sides
  • Courageous use of a paywall to make its business model viable - a widely unpopular decision that allows traditional journalism to stay alive
  • Comments moderated by humans, elevating the discussion by weeding out the bad ones and putting the onus on the commenter to say something substantive
  • A strongly liberal editorial board, speaking for the disenfranchised and challenging authority
  • A focus on what makes New York exciting, weird, and inimitable
  • A commitment to covering all major news stories - being truly comprehensive even through financial difficulty
  • An astoundingly high-quality subscription service center; the gentleman I spoke with empathized with me in a way I've never received from customer support
  • Bold adoption of visual storytelling (through static and interactive infographics) to complement the prose (see A New Whitney)
  • Generally serious tone with streaks of subtle humor when exploring sociological phenomena
  • Rigorous use of stylistic guidelines to facilitate a sophisticated conversation (this includes honorific terms of address)