My blogging style

I use bulleted lists

There's this unchallenged notion that prose in serious articles must take the form of paragraphs. How unfortunate. Lists are often the most efficient and effective way to deliver info. They save space avoiding unnecessary filler words. They also make the points easier to digest, both by showing how they are distinct and by lending them a visual hierarchy that makes them easy to identify and distinguish. Here, the language of design comes into play. Visual hierarchy allows the reader to quickly identify how different pieces work together.

This takes some inspiration from formal documents like business and legal, as well as listicles like BuzzFeed. These techniques, simulate roust old and innovative, provide value. We shouldn't discard them simply because they were motivated by a different ideology. We can take the good while leaving the bad (the blandness of corporate and legal, and the superficiality of listicles).

They're a way to bring journalism into the modern age and engage young readers with serious, valuable journalism.


I use headers

Dividing into sections also provides visual hierarchy and separates distinct ideas or passages. They are a service to the reader and help them learn and retain info. They magnify the impact of good journalism beyond the halls of a few astute readers. Accessibility matters.