Favorite people

Shigeru Miyamoto: for instilling in me a sense of adventure and aspiration through the The Legend of Zelda

A trio of geniuses who pour their souls into their work

  • Christopher Nolan: for thoughtful movies that deal with unimaginably complex themes—some of themes that define the human experience—in a nuanced and emotion way
  • Hans Zimmer: for deeply moving soundtracks to accompany epic scenes, provoking emotion and building dramatic tension
  • Leonardo DiCaprio: for making grand themes real and personal

Jony Ive: for making deeply personal objects; for maniacal attention to designs; for intentionality about materials; for fusing design with endangeringthe truest form of industrial design

Tim Cook: for fusing relentless quality, attentive design, and confidence in his vision with personal kindness—thus demonstrating that compassion and quality can and should coexist

Hayao Miyazaki: for richly animated, whimsical movies that produce nostalgia and an endear viewers to the idea or essence of Japan